Sunday, September 25, 2011

Away Game #1

Yesterday was the first away game of the season, and as much as I love game day tailgating, it was very nice to be much more productive than I have been the past 3 Saturdays. After my morning run,  I organized my scrapbooking/craft closet and did some cleaning, gave the pups a bath and then babysit for  R^3. I babysit for three little kids, 2 fun boys and a sweet little girl, and all of their names start with “R”. It is extremely hard to call them the right name when I’m trying to get their attention. (Now I know why my mom used that have a hard time calling my sister and I the right names when we were little.) They are so much fun to play with and always full of energy. Littlest R is just learning how to talk. We had a lot of fun teaching him colors (we started with orange and blue, of course) and sounds that animals make. After babysitting, I went to Michaels to get materials to make Gator Wreaths while watching the game (Ask anyone who knows me, I never just sit and watch TV, I always have to be doing something else.) I went over to my sister’s (Dr.Vet) house to watch the game. Her hubby (RJ) and mother–in-law (Mom #2, she is like my second mom since my Dr. Vet and RJ have been together forever!) were also there. We had a very non-traditional but very yummy, game day dinner of sushi and ginger salads!

The Gators won, which always makes for a good Saturday night! Here’s how the wreaths turn out:

Thanks for visiting and have a great week! 


Thursday, September 22, 2011

My First Post

I have wanted to start a blog for a long time and I finally decided that tonight would be the night! I am a recent Gator grad, currently in the process of applying to nursing schools. I absolutely LOVE my dogs, Lexy, a yellow lab, and Libby, a border collie/hound mix. Originally from Clearwater, FL I enjoy the relaxing beach life.  I believe pumpkin spice lattes and Christmas music make the world a better place. Celebrating the holiday season makes me smile just as much as a day at the beach or on the boat. Please join me on this wonderful journey of life as I blog about preppy fashion, bargain decorating, traveling adventures, Gator gamedays, my crazy dogs, crafting, recipes I love and other random thoughts along the way!  Thanks, y'all!